Whenever the Raiders start the season, they will begin a new decade. With that fresh start in a new start, resides a hope that this one ends better than the previous one. As we sit, eagerly anticipating the Vegas Era start, we have no idea what to expect from this team. I will write about what can/does/should have done. Yet, no one knows until actual games hit the field. With the way the pandemic hit America, no guarantees on when the season will begin.

Inpatient Realization

As mentioned, COVID-19 continues to rage. States report increased numbers of new cases, and I watch the news with a curious eye. With one eye trained on the health aspect and the other on the ramifications, pessimism creep in. Will the NFL actually conduct a full season? If not, how many games will the Raiders play? What will the seating at Allegiant look like. With an emphasis on social distancing, no stadium will be filled to capacity. As a result, the cavernous echo will occur.

Should Games Happen?

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The question is not for me to answer. medically, I maintain a healthy amount of skepticism. Yet, on the other side, the NFL will push through a pandemic. With owners and networks chomping at the bit to force this 2020 season into existence, my opinion, and honestly, many who read this, does not matter. The NFL, to their credit, displays a new sense of caution. Remember, this is the same league that ignored concussions for decades. So, any progress from them appears positive. But, at what cost? With no current vaccine, this virus could rage on for months, endangering lives. Regardless, the NFL runs their league like the business it is. As a result, we will continue to cover it.

Sloppy Play

With training camp sawed down to a bare minimum and little preseason work, don’t expect early brilliance. If Derek Carr sails one early or doesn’t look crisp, believe it or not, he may need a break. I know, I’ve been critical, but honest. These conditions do not allow him to develop an initial rhythm with all of the new targets. Granted, they found a park to practice in. Yet, without strict supervision, it’s different than a structured activity. To their credit, the Raiders, from the player side, look for daylight in this dark season.


At the end of the day, if football returns, the fan in all of us will smile. The Raiders will walk out onto their palatial field, with a sense of relief. Vegas is theirs. No bickering with city officials, no uncertainty. Meanwhile, as people, we wish for everyone’s health to be great.

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