I reached out to Nick Grima who played this year on the North Bay Battalion in the OHL to have an interview. This is how our conversation went:

How would you describe your playing style for those that don’t know you so well?

I consider myself to be a reliable two-way defenceman that can play in any situation at any moment of the game.

As you turned 21 on March 7th, you can no longer play in the Ontario Hockey League, what’s next in your hockey career?

I’ve committed to play at the University of Toronto to further my hockey career and education.

Which NHL team do you cheer for and who is your favourite player past or present?

My favourite team is the Vancouver Canucks and my favourite player currently plays for the Calgary flames, TJ Brodie.

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Which player on the North Bay Battalion would you say has the highest ceiling in his career?

Brandon Coe because he has the tools to be a top player in the OHL and make the transition to the NHL.

What are some things that you have been doing to stay in shape during quarantine?

I’ve been doing workouts from the University of Toronto through zoom that are just bodyweight but also doing some runs and shooting in the backyard with my brother.

As a veteran of five OHL seasons, what advice would you give to a young player just joining the league?

To just play, don’t hesitate and overthink things. They’re there for a reason and just need to play their game.

Do you think the “stay at home defenceman” is an underrated position, if so why?

I do think so. Everyone wants to be the skilled guy that puts up points but you need 1 or 2 guys that you rely on in late moments in the game or to stop top lines.

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