The Cleveland Browns and defensive end Olivier Vernon have agreed to a renegotiated deal for the upcoming 2020 NFL season.

Olivier Vernon is now a lock to play for the Cleveland Browns this season. The Browns and Vernon agreed to a renegotiated deal that will take his previously $15.25 non-guaranteed salary and turn it into $11 million guaranteed.

There is also a no-tag clause included in this deal which really wasn’t an issue to begin with. There was zero chance the Browns were going to tag Vernon after the season so it seems to be more of a formality than anything.

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This deal seems to end any pursuit of Jadeveon Clowney. The money that is now guaranteed to Vernon could have been used to sign the free agent defensive end. Although it is worth noting that Clowney had absolutely no interest in signing in Cleveland. Cleveland kept on pursing Clowney and he stiff-armed them every step of the way.

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The move by itself is underwhelming overall. Cool, Cleveland saved a couple of million dollars. If this move is paired with another that is a different story. Maybe a new deal for Myles Garrett is being finalized soon and this helps make it possible. That’s great work by the front office if that is indeed the case. If nothing else comes after this then this is much ado about nothing.

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