Out of seemingly nowhere, the Las Vegas Raiders offered free-agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney a deal. Now, while that sent shockwaves through the fanbase. With that, I have a few questions regarding this signing. Furthermore, how this potential deal affects the team and shapes the dynamic going forward.

Why Clowney?

Well, at 27, he enters his prime. More importantly, Clowney remains on the hunt for a big-dollar contract that will take him to the age of thirty with one more chance to cash in, before his retirement, For the Raiders, Clowney makes sense financially. Coming off a three-sack effort in Seattle, Clowney’s price does not appear to break the bank by any metric. As a result, that number should fall into range. The Raiders currently have around eight million under the cap. Now, they floated a deal that was apparently lower than other teams. Whether this offer remains the only one extended from the Raiders remains to be seen.

What Does Clowney Bring?

From the snap, Clowney’s length and speed display the potential to overwhelm tackles. Granted, in six seasons, only 32 sacks do stick out lie a sore thumb. Yet, with the right coaching and rotation, Clowney could flourish. First, for his size, he brings quick hands to thwart a tackle from locking on and steering him wide of the play. Next, Clowney closes well. When he arrives at the quarterback, his first thought is to strip the ball.

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Does the Shift the Marinelli/Guenther Dynamic?

Well, since arriving in Las Vegas, the Raiders made sure to accommodate their veteran defensive line coach. By signing Carl Nassib and Maliek Collins, the Raiders gave Rod Marinelli pieces to his line puzzle. As we know, Marinelli prefers a heavy rotation of his linemen. Offenses tend to tire under the weight of facing a fresher rusher just about every down. The Raiders committed money to Nassib and Collins. By potentially adding Clowney, it appears Marinelli edges closer to the coordinator job if he wants it. Remember, the Raiders let Brentson Buckner go to pursue Marinelli and keep him from retirement. Imagine the hot seat for Guenther warms up with each passing day.

Does the Move Hurt Ferrell?

Yes and no. Granted, the Raiders selected Clelin Ferrell to immediately contribute. As the fourth overall pick, he needs to step in and step up. Losing snaps provide a challenge for any young player that needs field time. With three other ends, potentially grabbing time, Ferrell could struggle. However, working in his favor, Ferrell looks like he is built mentally for what could lay ahead. Regardless of snap counts, Ferrell must improve immediately.

The Las Vegas Raiders could sign him by you read this. On the other hand, he could take another offer. Either way, it shows the underlying team dynamic of a defensive line coach with a chance to wield ultimate power on that side of the ball.

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