Regardless of when the Raiders start the 2020 season, they will enjoy a luxury that many don’t take into consideration. With so much attention tied to so many other teams, the Raiders can actually sit in the weeds, surprising teams along the way. Other than the usual fanbase and coaching heat, this team could conceivably escape the early spotlight. Granted, Allegiant Stadium draws boatloads of eyes and attention.

The Champ Is There

Granted, any Raiders fan reading this already possesses a deep dislike for Patrick Mahomes. Now, armed with a long term deal, Mahomes will haunt the Raiders for the next decade. Now, here’s the silver lining. Or, the Silver and Black lining. Experts, and you know who those people are, already picked the Chiefs to own the division. Under those circumstances, the Raiders can build a roster to not only compete, but eventually supplant the Chiefs as the leader in AFC West

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The Wild North

With all respect to the AFC West, the Northern division will shock many. First, look the quarterback talent. It’s a mix of the proven and the potential. Lie it or not and many don’t but Ben Roethlisberger still comma bds a presence. Granted, when he takes the field, Pittsburgh looks slightly different. However, the most important quarterback in the division remains Lamar Jackson. The reigning MVP now boasts more receivers and deeper running game. If Jackson continues, Baltimore will be a problem. Yet, this benefits the Raiders’ attempt to work in silence. On top of that, watching how Baker Mayfield plays will be interesting. Cleveland went all-in on him and they play the Raiders. Can his line give him enough time?

Best Kept Secret

In conclusion, why should the Raiders allow other teams to grab the spotlight? How many titles can the spotlight boast? Nine. Forget the media and their flavors of the month. The national media never helped anyone hoist a Lombardi. If other teams want to spotlight, let them have it. The Raiders can concern themselves with what is truly important: winning.

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