Brace yourselves as the anticipated biggest fighting event of the year finally sets on July 11, 2020, Saturday. UFC President Dana White aims to have an exotic theme for the upcoming fight, setting the location on Fight Island at Abu Dhabi. Despite the difficulties of the event due to the current pandemic, fans worldwide are finally going to get their MMA fill.

It was not too long ago that the highlight of the event belongs to the Usman vs. Burns fight. However, things took a dramatic turn over the weekend after Burns tested positive for COVID-19. This has left fans disappointed, but the UFC management is quick to get on their feet and upped the game to Usman vs. Masvidal.

Looking at how the main event has changed, are you prepared enough to place your bets? You might have a bet master moçambique by your side, but you need to know these foolproof betting tips!

Amanda Ribas vs. Paige VanZant

The women’s flyweight is not left behind with excitement since Paige VanZant is fighting Amanda Ribas on Fight Island. VanZant starts as the overwhelming underdog while Ribas is claimed as the crowd’s favorite. Although it will be VanZant’s last fight, fans are betting more on Ribas due to her past competitions.

It’s no surprise that Ribas swept the crowd away with her 9-1-0 record compared to VanZant’s 8-4-0. VanZant’s last fight was in January 2019, wherein she faced Ostovich, breaking her lose streak, and winning the fight in the second round by armbar submission.

The crowd’s favorite, Ribas, will most likely win the bout. Her last fight was just this March against Markos, wherein she showed domination over her opponent from start to finish. Ribas won the fight unanimously, with scorecard readings of 30-26, 30-35, and 30-25.

Peter Yan vs. Jose Aldo

The fight for the Featherweight title is tight as former featherweight king Jose Aldo faces “No Mercy” Petr Yan for UFC 251. Petr Yan is considered to be at his prime in UFC. With his 14 wins, six have been by knockout, one by submission, and seven by decision wins. Yan’s single loss was due to the judge’s decision.

On the other hand, Jose Aldo is considered to be an elite-level stroker, with 17 of his 28 wins by knockout. You can say both fighters have extremely aggressive fighting skills, but Petr Yan might be the man for the night.

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Aldo stalks his opponents during the fight and doesn’t give them room to breathe. However, Petr Yan is a well-rounded mixed martial artist who possesses high-level boxing and grappling skills. Not to mention, he is in better form than Aldo, who hasn’t been doing well during his past fights. The fight on Saturday might be the toughest test on Yan’s career as an MMA fighter.

Alex Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway

The Volkanovski vs. Holloway fight is a co-main event featherweight title rematch of UFC 245. The first showdown of both fighters ends with Volkanovski’s win by unanimous decision. Volkanovski, later on, requested another showdown with Holloway, which seems to be a way to cement his championship status.

It seems like Volkanovski will again claim the title with the fights he has shown so far. Although Holloway is an excellent fighter with a style that puts his opponents in shock, Volkanovski’s preparation and in-fight adaptability would be difficult for Holloway to match.

Their first match was a close one, but many people saw that Volkanovski packed more punch and made more adjustments until the end of the fight. The rematch at UFC 251 might show Volkanovski “The Great” as he stands strong on his seat as the featherweight king.

Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal

The highlight event of UFC 251 went through a last-minute change. After the hype of Usman vs. Burns’s fight, the crowd was left with worry and disappointment after Burns tested positive for coronavirus, leading to his withdrawal from the fight. However, fans are no longer disappointed as the 3rd rank welterweight fighter Masvidal takes the seat.

Usman will enter this matchup with a 15-winning streak after he victoriously defended his title against Colby Covington last year in UFC 245. The win over Covington has made Usman’s UFC record improve to 11-0. On the other hand, as the underdog, Masvidal is no news to the audiences, yet his UFC 244 last year was won over Diaz by total knockout.

Although Masvidal has the quick and explosive fighting style to counter Usman, the latter would make it a long night for Masvidal. According to, Usman can make the match long for his opponent with 3.44 takedowns per 15 minutes. Masvidal falls short by 1.70, putting Usman at an advantage.


Fans across the globe cannot contain the excitement for the upcoming fights in the UFC 251. This makes a good breather during the stressful happenings around the world. However, if you’re planning to bet on a fighter, make sure to bet wisely by knowing the right information. You may want to seek betmasters’ help to guarantee your win.

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