It’s been established time and time again that the New York Jets will be facing an extremely difficult season in 2020.

However, what might be overlooked is the talent that the new players, whether it be rookies or faces new to Atlantic Health Training, have as the Jets are set to play top teams– loaded with talent themselves.

Despite the bolstered offensive line that Jet fans should be excited for, rookie left tackle (LT) Mekhi Becton will receive a lot of attention from the pass rushers against the Jets. No matter how big or athletic Becton is, he is still a rookie. The offensive line is set to match up against:

Before Bye Week

There’s no easy way around this- the 49ers fielded a top tier defensive line last season, and pass protection seems to be a problem Joe Douglas hoped to address. The talented defensive line boasting the 2019 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year coming to face the Jets will be a first true test of their capabilities, and a prime showcase to see if there is any improvement from the 2019 season.

Von Miller, and with the added presence of a healthy Bradley Chubb are another big test for the left and right tackles. Both outside linebackers (OLBs) for the Broncos are very talented. Expect, just as in Week 2, the more experienced edge rushers to focus on the young Becton.

The All-Pro OLB has no problems getting sacks or quarterback (QB) hits. Last year, Jones earned a Pro Bowl selection as well as All-Pro honors to decorate his career-high 19 sack season, with an additional 26 QB hits. Just like the crafty veteran Miller, Jones can prey on the young, inexperienced left tackle.

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The 2016 Defensive Rookie of the Year earned his second Pro Bowl selection last season, with 11.5 sacks and a career-high 31 QB hits. The other Bosa Bro wraps up 3 straight weeks of handling top pass rushers for the newly acquainted offensive line.

Super Bowl champion and Pro Bowl selection Frank Clark proved a force and a great signing for the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite only 8 sacks and 14 QB hits, Clark is a refined veteran pass rusher who again can wreak havoc against an inexperienced offensive lineman.

After Bye Week

Aaron Donald has never missed a Pro Bowl. He has earned 5 All-Pro selections, as well as Defensive Player of the Year in both 2017 and 2018. He is one of the best and most dominant defensive players in the entire NFL. And the New York Jets have to come to him.

One of the best young pass rushers in the NFL, and the former 1st overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Jets and Browns have faced off every year since Garret entered the league, and the young stud always finds a way to make enough plays to impact the game.

What Success Means For The Jets

Talk about a trial by fire. If the Jets offensive line can hold against the talent set to face them, the improvement would be leaps and bounds from the 2019 offensive line, and as such a welcoming sign of better things to come for Jets fans, as well as the offense as a whole. Statistically, when Sam Darnold is pressured at a league-average rate (34%), The Jets are 7-1 with an average of 29 points per game.

The offensive line handling these matchups means one thing: wins.


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