As the start of NFL training camps draws near, all teams will continue searching for improvement. Whether it be film-based, statistics, or budgetary, all hands are on deck. Like the rest of the teams, the Las Vegas Raiders adjusted and readjusted their playbooks and potential depth charts hundreds of times. They gave fans countless new fixtures to look forward to.

There will be many new adjustments, as well as handfuls of familiar faces. While many teams will look to integrate their rookies, the Raiders must spend additional time developing others as well. 

Sophomore Slump?

Hunter Renfrow established himself as not only a slot receiver, but also as Derek Carr’s  third-down target. Renfrow is shifty in the open field as well as out of the slot. His biggest struggle appears to be possession catches or catching the ball while falling to the ground. The former Clemson Tiger braces for impact before catching and pulling the ball into his body. This is partially on him. However, also due to the throw leading him into danger, but fortunately both things to iron out 

Renfrow’s potential is in the clouds and his second season should give a great example of how high he can soar. 

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Building Block

Darren Waller took the NFL by storm. Now, the Raiders have brought Jason Witten to the squad to help mentor Waller. This could play out as a very interesting move. The biggest claim to Waller’s success is his unique combination size and athleticism. Meanwhile, turning him into more of a tight end may hinder his success.

While it is unsure exactly what Witten will be working on with him, it would almost bring more comfort to witness Waller working with wide receivers. There are things other than blocking that Waller could work on, including finding open gaps in coverage and footwork designed for players in his role. Whatever Witten was brought on to do should hopefully benefit Waller in not only the upcoming season but also the rest of his career.

The Return

Johnathan Abram may have missed almost the entirety of his first NFL season. Contrarily, but the extra time off may be helping him get up to speed. As fans of HBO’s Hard Knocks witnessed, Abram is almost the dictionary definition of relentless. It is not often a player must be told ease up in practice. Yet, it is even rarer to see a rookie as the unrelenting hitter. but that is the exact drive that can transform Abram into an elite player. Abram will be exciting to watch in his first full season, especially now that he has been given copious amounts of time to grow mentally. With all the mental reps Abram took, he must be excited to put in some physical reps soon. Expect him to come into the 2020 preseason even more tenacious.


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