Current Washington moniker getting retired while new one is waiting in the wings

The past 48 hours has been bonkers for Washington’s football team fans to say the least. Arguments still rage over Twitter on whether the name should be changed and what it should be changed to. We should be finding out soon, but it sounds like it will take a little longer for it to be released.

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SBJ Newsletter has sources that say the current moniker, Redskins, will be officially retired Monday morning, July 13, 2020. For almost 90 years, the football team has gone by that name. There are still some trademarking and legal issues to sort out before the new moniker is presented. Some people are speculating that it is the Red Wolves, because the Kansas City Chiefs have ties to that name due to their mascot and it would require three fourths of the league owners to override the Chiefs disapproval.

No matter what the name is. It is clear that there is a new dawn and era across the DMV.

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