The national bashing of Chicago Bears players continues. This time, Hall of Fame running back LaDanian Tomlinson criticized wide receiver, Allen Robinson, despite his good play in 2019.

The national bashing of Chicago Bears players continues and it is now ridiculous. I know it may sound like I’m being a homer but the national media talks about the Bears as if they’re the most poorly run team in the league. That isn’t the case.

Yes, the Bears have had their problems over recent history. Some of their moves haven’t worked out and the result is that in the last 20 years the franchise owns only seven seasons above the .500 mark. In that period, they also have only five playoff appearances.

However, there are franchises a lot worse than that. Just check out the Cleveland Browns, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Las Vegas (or Los Angeles or Oakland or whatever they’re called now) Raiders, for example.

The national media choose to attack the Chicago Bears, though.

Players undermined so far are Eddie Jackson (not a top-ten safety), Khalil Mack (no longer elite), and Akiem Hicks (on his way down), among others. The latest target is wide receiver Allen Robinson.

Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson criticized Robinson for his play in 2019. He also said the wide receivers corps was the Bears’ biggest question mark going into the 2020 season. Not quarterback, not the offensive line, but the wide receivers?

Tomlinson was especially tough on Robinson. He questioned Robinson’s consistency. All he had to do was look at the statistics and he wouldn’t say that.

What was Tomlinson thinking?

Do you want consistency? Well, Robinson only had three games in which he had fewer than five receptions. That’s pretty consistent. Let’s take a look at other numbers.

Robinson was, by far, the best offensive player on the roster for the Bears in 2019. He finished the season with 1,147 receiving yards, with seven touchdown catches. He did this on an offense that ranked 25th in passing yards, 25th in passing touchdowns, and dead last in yards per pass attempt, ranking 14th in the league.

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If you see who the other receivers ranking above him had throwing to them and the offenses they were in you see that what he did was amazing. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin had the league’s leading quarterback in yards, Jameis Winston, as their quarterback. Cooper Kupp played on a high-powered offense with the Los Angeles Rams that ranked fourth in passing yards. DeAndre Hopkins had DeShaun Watson, while Amari Cooper had Dak Prescott. Additionally, Travis Kelce had Mr. Half-Billion man Patrick Mahomes, Julio Jones had Matt Ryan and Michael Thomas had Drew Brees.

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Allen Robinson had Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky threw for 3,138 yards in 2019. Of those, Robinson had 973 (Trubisky was knocked out of the Week 4 game against the Minnesota Vikings and missed Week 5 against the Raiders). That’s 31 percent of Trubisky’s total yards. Also, Robinson had five touchdown catches of Trubisky’s 17. That is 29.4 percent of Trubisky’s touchdown passes.

You cannot get more consistent than what Robinson did in 2019. What Tomlinson came up with to criticized Robinson is a mystery. Robinson himself has an idea.

Again, these criticisms of Chicago Bears players are bordering on ridiculous. How in the world could anyone think, let alone say aloud, that Robinson needs to be more consistent? The Chicago Bears just need to go out and prove their doubters wrong.

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