In sports, as in life, people slide into various roles within a structure. As a result, the AFC West is no different. While few lead, most will follow. The ability to inspire an entire unit into a competitive situation is a rarity. This division is no different, as all four teams have potential candidates. So, here is a list of the top four leaders in the AFC West.

1. Rodney Hudson (Best Leader in AFC West)

Without equivocation, the best center in the NFL. Hudson plays at an elite, borderline Hall of Fame level, for the entirety of his Raiders career. Hudson has not relinquished a sack since 2017. That is a span of thirty-one games. Imagine playing the entire season without a whiff of pressure or even a sack Why? First, Hudson brings a cerebral approach to the fold. He remains in charge of the protection calls and dictating the action on the kine. During the snap, Hudson’s blend of knowledge, leverage, and technique. If he enjoys two or three more dominant seasons, Canton could call.

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2. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs QB)

When the Chiefs fell behind the 49ers, the team could quit. Yet, despite the score, Mahomes settled in and lead his team to victory. Blesses with high-end talents can only take you so far. Mahomes plays with a mix of measured abandon and a thought process. he doesn’t appear to fold or wilt. He leads with a quiet force. Granted, he emotes with passion, Mahomes won’t veer out of control.

3. Von Miller ( Broncos LB)

As Miller enters the twilight of his career, the teammates around him changed. Miller watched the turnover and remains the Broncos’ best defender. In this role, Miller mentors Bradley Chubb and enjoys dominion over the team. Miller brings in the feisty approach. Eventually, Miller will move on. For now, he exudes the confidence to leas

The Chargers let Phillip Rivers go. Under those circumstances, they need to reassess. Rivers will enter Canton on the first try. Yet, he left a leadership gap in Los Angeles. The AFC West continues to evolve. They will produce great players. However, leader6ship in times of crisis will dictate who sits in charge

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