While the Raiders were moving to Las Vegas, fans on Twitter found themselves enthralled by the number of threads dedicated to the good memories of the Raiders’ time in Oakland. As the good memories can be a fitting farewell, moving on from the bad memories can also be a capable coping mechanism. Now, fans find the Raiders located in Las Vegas, allowing their memories of Jamarcus Russell and losing seasons to get left behind in the move.

New City, New Start

As the Raiders reside to Sin City, the fanbase will be taking on wagonfuls of new fans, fans that have not experienced first downs measured by notecards or fumbles out of the back of the endzone.


Now current/longterm fans have the opportunity to do the same. Yes, they have experienced these crushing occurrences, but that was the Oakland Raiders, this is a whole new team. 

Change In A Minute

Although the team name are (relatively) the same, the outlook of the two locations could not be more different. Oakland had the feeling of a city with incredibly loyal fans, but due to the Raiders’ frequent setbacks and unfortunate events, the city exuded a sense of dread. 

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Roll the Dice

Las Vegas, however, has always been the city where anything can happen and may actually be the perfect place for the team to settle down. The best part of the novelty of the move is that it is quite easy to deflect any current insults with a quick, “That was the Oakland Raiders.” Jon Gruden has set this team and this roster ablaze, and in his third season with the team, fans can expect results soon. The Raiders have had their ups and downs with Gruden, but it appears that the team and coaching will be reaching new heights just in time for the team’s new location.


Perhaps a change of scenery can help this franchise. Now, the roster looks stacked, the coaches remain capable, if not impressive. Plus, Allegiant Stadium looks like an evil villain’s spaceship. Truly, this is the perfect time to move a team, if said team was going to move. The Raiders now have an opportunity to start their Las Vegas dynasty with a winning record, at the least.


An added bonus to the Raiders’ new location, surprisingly, is the nightlife. The average tourist spends about four days in Las Vegas, and most would agree that was not enough. Now, imagine opposing team’s athletes coming to the city for a few walkthroughs and a game. Being that close to the casinos and nightlife has to be tempting and incredibly distracting. Perhaps the Raiders can use that to occasionally leave a few players a step slow.

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