On November 24, 2019, the Raiders suffered a crushing 34-3 defeat to the New York Jets. While many excuses can exist for losses of many games, this game stands as the most inexcusable game the Raiders played last season. It almost felt as though the Raiders Organization handed helmets and pads to any remotely athletic-looking fan in the stands before the game and told them to take the field.


Nothing went well  Derek Carr would record 127 yards passing and went 15/27 in his pass attempts. Josh Jacobs rushed nine times nineteen yards before recording his game-long rush of 15 yards to bring his final total to 34 yards.

Despite only trailing 3-13 at halftime, the actual play on the field told a completely different story. For those watching the game, a familiar disgusted feeling crept into fans’ stomachs as this game appeared over before the half. 


Now, in 2020, the Raiders must have redemption on their mind. The Raiders have supercharged their lineup, while the Jets have struggled to please some of their stars. While the two teams may be trending upwards, the Raiders are certainly trending upwards at a quicker pace. Despite their different pace of trends, the Jets should still not be taken lightly. Sam Darnold and LeVeon Bell will be an impressive combination to accommodate an already impressive defense. But Las Vegas, with their fully charged offense and revitalized defense, expect this game to have a significantly different outcome. 

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Back to Jersey

In 2020, the Raiders head back to MetLife Stadium in early December. New York winters can be blisteringly cold. The team, and Carr especially, have struggled in the cold, but this must be a concern already being addressed. Expect an impressive game from the Raiders’ running corps, but Carr must surpass at least 200 passing yards in order to come out with a victory. 

Late Season Magic

Not only is this a redemption game, but this game also comes in Week 13. Week 13 tends to kick off the final quarter of the season. Eyeing the AFC West, every game will be important for the Raiders, but this particular game may set the tempo for their playoff push.

New Focus

Most fans and experts envisioned the Raiders winning the 2019 matchup against the Jets, but the Raiders must now leave no doubt. With the experts or without, the Raiders must have fire running through their veins throughout the entire season. While no game can be overlooked, this sets up as the most surprising game on the schedule.

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