Training camp is set and the dates have been sent out to all 32 organizations. The Buffalo Bills will have rookies report on camp on July 21st, quarterbacks and players who are coming off injuries will report on July 23rd, and every other player on July 28th. There is no set date on when training camp will begin, but players will be reporting by these dates.

With the obvious circumstances occurring due to the pandemic, everything is up in the air with the entire league, let alone the Bills. As of right now, there will be a season but teams have already been told whether or not they are allowed to have fans or not. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has made it official that there will be fans allowed in the Bills stadium during games this year as long as COVID-19 is still a major troubling factor.

While the biggest question is whether or not there will be a season, the Bills have questions that may not need immediate answers but it cannot wait too long.


1.) Will Any Player Opt-Out Of The Season?

Players across the league have stated that they are not 100% comfortable playing this season if games are allowed. Bills players’ Micah Hyde and Stefon Diggs have expressed their feelings about feeling uneasy if the season continues like planned. Hyde went on to comment about how he was not willing to risk other peoples’ lives to play a game. Diggs, like any other player has said that they are not too comfortable to play this year.

Will any other players apart of the Bills express discomfort of playing this year? What if a coach decides that they do not want to continue with this season? Just like Hyde said, this is bigger than football. Nothing is worth risking your health. No one should be blamed for opting out this season.


2.) Team Chemistry With The New Players?

The Bills have a ton of new faces on the team. From free agency to the draft, there are new players and even new starters. Players like Diggs, Mario Addison, Josh Norman and A.J. Epenesa may see the field a lot more this year so the team will have to adjust to each others playing styles and these players will have to adjust to the schemes and playbook.

Josh Allen has stepped up with trying to build chemistry within his receiving core by working out them in Florida and California. Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane have done an excellent job building a culture so it shouldn’t be a problem creating chemistry.


3.) When Will Pay Day Come For Upcoming Free Agents?

Beane has done an excellent job finding talent through the draft, along with McDermott. In 2017, the Bills found three immediate starters in Tre’Davious White, Matt Milano and Dion Dawkins. White established himself as a shutdown All-Pro corner in 2019 and both Milano and Dawkins have been key contributors on both sides of the ball.

White had his fifth-year option exercised but the team is expected to pay up to keep his services. His market will get bigger each day the Bills wait, but with the impending circumstances with the salary cap and lack of revenue in the league due to the virus, the money aspect will be a big question to figure out.

While White should get big money eventually, Milano and Dawkins will also be searching for the day that their future becomes official with the Bills. Milano has been a great zone coverage player in McDermott’s defense and has earned himself a new contract for the team. Dawkins has been nothing but consistent for the offensive line. Heck, he was the only returner upfront from 2018 going into 2019.

The Bills have become thankful for the services of these players on rookie contracts, but now it is time to pay up. The team should be seen a lot more in the news regarding contract talks.

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