This offseason is unlike any other we’ve ever seen in our lifetime. There’s been no OTAs, or minicamp to get ready for training camp. It probably seems longer than just a few months that the Buccaneers signed Tom Brady to a two-year deal.

It has been a challenging offseason for players and coaches who are trying to get ready for the year. It’s especially hard for new players that were on another team, and the rookies who won’t see any action until training camp. Now, with the potential of no preseason games, it could impact how the Bucs enter the season.

Four preseason games are too much to begin with. But, having no preseason games in the middle of a pandemic is also a bad idea. The players need the reps, and in the preseason that’s where they get the best situational football experience. Especially the rookies who haven’t been in an NFL game yet. It’s good for coaches too because they can see which players work where before the season starts.

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It will be interesting to see how Brady is in a game situation with his new teammates before the season begins. He may be the GOAT but he still needs one or two practice games before the real deal. It would be good for not only Brady but Rob Gronkowski too as he is coming back from a brief retirement. Fans are eager to see the connection between how Brady and the duo of Chris Godwin and Mike Evans on the football field. It’s one thing to get reps in training camp. It’s another when you are actually going against another team.

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Don’t be surprised to see a slow start from the Bucs offense in 2020. However, that is not exclusive to the Bucs as many teams will be experiencing the same thing. With that said, not every team is welcoming in a new quarterback with the expectations of going to and potentially winning a Super Bowl.

Brady has to adapt to the Bucs and they have to adapt to him. It’s not easy being with one team for 20 years then going to a completely different offense in a normal offseason. Nevermind the fact that there is a global pandemic. If Brady had been with the Bucs for 20 seasons then I wouldn’t think they need the preseason. He didn’t play all too often during the latter part of his Patriots career. However, that isn’t the case and with no preseason all the reps (and chemistry building) will have to come in training camp.

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