For fans excited to hail in a new team name, they will have to wait a while longer. As reported by Adam Schefter, the Washington NFL franchise will now be known as the “Washington Football Team” for the upcoming 2020 season.

On July 13th, the team announced that it would no longer use the former name and would develop a new name and design. During which time, there had not been any formal indication that the team was leaning towards a new name. While many will speculate trademarks and other legal barriers prevented the process from completing, the likelihood of a complete overhaul with such a small timeline before the start of the season was very unlikely.


Fans and athletes alike are finding the simplicity of the name amusing. It’s hard not take jabs at the announcement and design. NBA Superstar Lebron James, among others, chimed in on the name change and had a hilarious take.

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Fans that have been creating amazing team designs and jerseys on social media, Fear Not! The team has stated this is not the final re-brand. They will continue to develop a name and design to adopt in the future. So that means the Redwolves vs Redtails twitter battles can continue!!!

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