Welcome to Crossbody of Work, a show where we break down a wrestler’s career through five of their biggest matches.

This week we’re looking at the Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna. One of the most memorable acts of the Attitude Era, and a standout competitor against men and women. In this episode we cover both of Chyna’s Intercontinental Championship wins and part of her Women’s Championship run. We also cover her final match in TNA against long-time foe Jeff Jarrett. On top of all of that, Evan & Javier also talk about:

  • Vince McMahon’s facial expressions
  • What finishers we wanted as kids
  • Crowd signs
  • Karens

And a lot more.

Listen to the podcast here, and check out the links to the matches below.

Match One:

The Corporate Rumble – Raw, January 11, 1999
Link to the match here.

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Match Two:

Chyna vs Jeff Jarrett (c) – Good Housekeeping Match for the Intercontinental Championship – No Mercy 1999
Link to the match here.

Promo: Chyna Loves Latino Heat

Match Three:

Chyna & Eddie Guerrero vs Val Venis (c) & Trish Stratus – Intercontinental Championship Mixed Tag Match – Summerslam 2000
Link to the match here.

Match Four:

Chyna (c) vs Lita – Women’s Championship Match – Judgement Day 2001
Link to the match here.

Match Five:

Chyna & Kurt Angle vs Jeff & Karen Jarrett – TNA Sacrifice 2011
Link to the match here.

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