The hockey fans are getting excited as the NHL games are starting up in Edmonton. Even though the fans won’t be able to witness the energy of the atmosphere that can be found in the venue, they will undoubtedly be able to watch their favorite teams go head to head in Rogers Place.

But not just the fans, the players and management at the Rogers Place are preparing for the long-awaited return of Stanley Cup.

Electric saws buzzing, power drills whirring, music bursting, and the graphics testing, it’s clear that the ice rink is going to be in tip-top shape to host the 12 teams in the Western Conference of the Stanley Cup.

The teams were scheduled to arrive on the 26th of July, which means they should be coming in or already settling by now. To get the fans excited before the Qualifiers for the Cup begin, the Calgary Flames are scheduled to play against the Edmonton Oilers before the Qualifiers. Being their hometown, the fans are expecting quite a bit from the Oilers.

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The Qualifiers are scheduled to begin on the 1st of August, and the first game will be between the Edmonton Oilers and the Chicago Blackhawks. Later the same day, the Calgary Flames are scheduled to play against the Winnipeg Jets. The latest sports lines will be useful to keep an update on the news, scores, and more for this season, as everyone will be watching from home.

The preparations for the games have been rushed, which is why Rogers Place was still being completed on Saturday. Fortunately, the arena, practice facilities, and the two hotels have been completed for the teams’ arrival.

A very similar thing is happening at the Scotiabank Arena and all the other facilities around Toronto that will be hosting the 12 teams on the Eastern Conference. With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, the massive effort by the hub cities is being appreciated by the fans. The pause that took place on the 12th of March had the fans thinking they might cancel the games this year.

The NHL’s chief content officer has been in Edmonton for over two weeks helping the Rogers Place staff with members from his own crew in preparation for the long-awaited restart.

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Player Tm Pos From To Active GP G A PTS
Patrick Kane CHI RW 2007 2020 13 973 389 633 1022
Phil Kessel TOT RW 2006 2020 14 1066 371 490 861
Nathan MacKinnon COL C 2013 2020 7 525 190 305 495
Ryan O’Reilly TOT C 2009 2020 11 804 195 365 560
Tyler Seguin TOT C 2010 2020 10 741 279 356 635
Mark Stone TOT RW 2012 2020 8 449 149 236 385

All the NHL senior members have been continually touring all the important places to make sure everything is up to standard before the teams had arrived on Sunday. There were a few obstacles in the way, like the storm of the 16th of July that caused some damages, but everything has quickly resolved.

Ballantyne, Mayer, and their staff members toured all the player lounges Friday evening. They reviewed every little detail and made sure there was no problem for the teams.

They did further reviews on Saturday to ensure a proper arrival of the teams. Since the Oilers and Blackhawks are the first teams to be playing, they will be the first to get into practice -taking their busses from the airport directly to the Terwillegar Community Recreation Center.

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