According to multiple sources, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Devin Funchess Opts-Out of the 2020 NFL season.


Devin Funchess Opts-Out

In addition to some media sources, Funchess made this post via his personal Instagram account.

Unsurprisingly, family health appears to be the prime motivator for the decision to sit out for the season. Without going into detail, Funchess referenced the fact that his family has directly felt the impact of COVID-19. In order to best protect those closest to him, Funchess has decided not to expose himself to the rigors of the NFL season.

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While he has not yet played a down for Green Bay, Funchess is still a part of the team, and more importantly the Packers family. That is why is pleases me that the NFL is allowing players the ability to make make this choice.

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