While Darren Waller steals the spotlight in Las Vegas, another tight end is sneaking through behind the scenes. Waller has dominated in his role as a long-range, open field tight end due to his speed and athleticism. But, the one place Waller has not entirely cemented himself as a starter in is the red zone spot. The Raiders could feature Moreau.

Incremental Process

It took some time, but Foster Moreau has begun emerging as one of Carr’s favorite redzone targets. After watching Waller take the league by storm, questions began to arise around the Raiders’ plans for the recently drafted Moreau. 

Initial Questions

Originally, Moreau’s drafting stirred up question marks due to having less-than-outstanding college stats. However, he would record 7 touchdowns during his tenure at Louisiana State University. Yet, Moreau found the endzone five times in his rookie season.

In-house Mentor

Moreau could also benefit from the signing of Jason Witten. Again, assuming that Witten serves as more of a mentor than a player. Provided that is the truth, Moreau should be looking to pass his five touchdowns and 174 receiving yards from his rookie year. 

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Hands Team

As far as player comparisons go, Moreau is a 6’4” Hunter Renfrow with even better hands, if not the best on the team. Sure-handed and hard to cover, Moreau should continue rising as one of Carr’s favorite redzone targets.


The solidification of Moreau in the red zone keeps the door open for the devastating one-two punch of Alec Ingold and Josh Jacobs as well. Moreau is athletic and can be difficult to cover in base red zone defenses. Whatever opposing defenses choose to do will leave a Raider with less coverage than typically recommended. 


Unfortunately, due to Waller’s incredible athleticism fitting perfectly with how offenses are arranged today, Moreau can’t expect starting reps. But, the more he can instill faith from Carr in the red zone, the more comfortable the team will be giving Waller the occasional breather. 

Should the Raiders not already have a plethora of receivers chomping at the bit, Moreau could see himself inserted into some two tight end sets in passing situations. 


Although speed can appear almost anywhere in the NFL these days, a pair of reliable hands can be quite rare, especially from a tight end. Moreau is one of the Raiders’ returning skill position player that has established quite a “confidence circle” with Carr, and with or without Waller, Moreau can expect an uptick in numbers this season.

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