When PJ Hall finished his career at Sam Houston State University, I interviewed him before the draft. He seemed to fit was the Raiders needed at the time. They needed an implosive interior force to disrupt opponents. Now, if I am honest, I didn’t expect the team to draft him in the second round. Hall’s selection immediately shocked many. His second round selection stunned me, I will not lie, to any of you. Yet, in his third year, PJ Hall needs to fight for his roster spot. How he responds will separate him from where he spends his 2020

Transition Struggles

At SHSU, Hall excelled as a game-wrecking defensive lineman. With his blend of speed and strength, the Raiders salivated at the chance to bring him into the fold. Yet, those natural talents never translated during his first two years. In his first two seasons, Hall’s 1062 snaps on netted 1.5 sacks. While that surpassed Jihad Ward, the Raiders still lacked that threat on the inside push.

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Gruden Speak

Yesterday, Jon Gruden cut to the chase and did not hesitate, while discussing Hall. Gruden zeroed in on what he felt needed improvement: Hall’s weight. Granted, he can carry 300 pounds. However, Hall’sheights makes any more than 300-305 pounds works against him. Arm length issues with that size will see him get engulfed.

Raiders Analysis

Gruden called out Hall for his lack of conditioning, in the press. While that seems rather odd, look at why. By publicly calling out Hall, Gruden places intense pressure on him to not only arrive in shape but prove his draft status. PJ Hall may need a miracle to hold on to his roster spot. More importantly, the Raiders need him to elevate his game immediately. With so much at stakes, roster spots like Hall’s remain up for grabs.

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