The Saints’ Cameron Jordan (not Jordan Cameron) has never been one to mince words. He continued that trend when he appeared on Good Morning Football and declared the Buccaneers a team “fighting for second place” in the division.

“But I do know we have to step up our game, we’ve got to elevate,” Jordan said on Monday. “They’ve got the second-greatest quarterback of all-time, right behind Drew Brees, and now we’ve got a head-to-head two times a year. We’ve got our work cut out for us and then they have an addition, you bring in Rob Gronkowski and LeSean McCoy, you already had two 1,000-yard receivers in (Chris) Godwin and Mike Evans. This is a team that’s fighting for second place.”

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It’s not hard to figure where the confidence comes from. The Saints have won the NFC South for the past three seasons. However, during that time, the Saints haven’t had to contend with Tom Brady. Certainly not the Brady with the offensive arsenal he has in Tampa. Think 2007 Patriots. And, despite his assertion to the contrary, Brees takes a back seat to Brady historical and currently.

Of course, the NFC South will not be won with words. It will be won on the field…assuming the season goes off without a hitch. Assuming it does, or at the very least it starts on time, Jordan and the Saints will get their first glimpse of Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, and the newly-signed LeSean McCoy in Week One in New Orleans.

Jordan has had a lot of success against the Bucs in his career. In 18 career games, he has 14.5 sacks and the Saints are 13-5 in those games dating back to 2011. In 2019, Jordan registered 2.5 sacks in two wins over the Bucs. Needless to say, the Bucs offensive line (and tight ends) will have their hands full with Jordan.

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