One problem the Las Vegas Raiders have not faced in quite some time is having too much talent on offense. While the team may not necessarily be there, the Raiders certainly have a plethora of offensive weapons this season. With Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, Henry Ruggs, Tyrell Williams, and Hunter Renfrow, the Raiders have an impressive amount of mouths to feed. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson needs to assist Gruden in revamping the offense.


While some offensive players have specified uses, like Renfrow on third downs, some will prefer to be utilized on all downs. However, the question must be asked: How will Greg Olson design the offense with all this talent? The Raiders have stockpiled their receiving corps but also have the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year runner-up in Josh Jacobs. 

Carr Trouble?

Another question mark will circle around Derek Carr. Can Carr lead a pass-heavy, West Coast offensive attack? Criticisms have been swirling around his lack of confidence, but Carr ranks in the top 5 in the NFL when it comes to deep pass accuracy.

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Ground and Pound

Olson could also utilize Jacobs as the team’s apex offensive threat. When healthy, Jacobs has shown his ability to become a workhorse running back. Even when injured, Jacobs was seen very emotional on the sidelines after getting ruled out. He has incredible potential, talent, and heart and should be considered the total package. 


On the plus side, whatever playstyle Olson and the Raiders decide to go with, it could work. The team comes into Las Vegas boasting a top 3 offensive line, one of the best young running backs in the league, and an impressively deep and talented receiving corps.


Due to the Raiders landing the Kansas City Chiefs twice during their season, one could also expect the Raiders to adjust their game plan based on their opponents, which would keep things incredibly interesting. 


One might also expect the Raiders to keep things run-based when possible until the team sees promise from Carr. Unfortunately, most of the game planning and playstyle will not be entirely up to Olson, it will come down to Carr. If Carr can dial his game in, the Raiders would be one of the most balanced, yet dangerous, teams in the NFL. 

Hot Seat

Although this could be a season of slight uncertainty, the Raiders still have very suitable backups at their offensive decisions. Rookie Lynn Bowden will be slated to back up Jacobs. Meanwhile, Nelson Agholor, Zay Jones, and rookie Bryan Edwards run the second-team wide receivers. Also, Marcus Mariota waits in the wings should Olson grow tired of Carr. The possibilities for the 2020 Las Vegas Raiders are endless, and it is going to be incredibly interesting to see what Greg Olson comes up with.

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