After much deliberation and an anticipated wait, the Buffalo Bills found out that they will have their All-Pro cornerback Tre’Davious White for the 2020 season. The news was first reported by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The deadline for players to opt-out ended at 4PM and Bills fans held their breath to see whether or not White would sit out for the season. There was a lot of speculation that White would opt-out after he tweeted out that he was receiving backlash from fans about potentially not playing this year.

After reading this tweet, many followers decided to show their support to White and his family. This is what started the idea that the All-Pro player may decide to opt-out. Whether White decided to opt-out or not, each player should be respected with their decision. No exceptions.


What Now?

With the Bills having their entire starting secondary for 2020, this should setup White to get his payday very soon. His fifth year option was exercised as expected, but now it is time for the shutdown corner to set his future in Buffalo. While there are issues occurring with the salary cap due to COVID-19, it does not mean that White won’t get paid. Now it is just a matter of time.

The Bills get the services from their all-star and soon the all-star will get the paycheck.


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