In a week filled with interesting news, the Las Vegas Raiders continue to make headlines. As most know there is never a dull day in RaiderNation. As a result, quotes abound. Below, this week’s most interesting quotes and their translation.

NFL Network’s Mike Garofalo discussing Gruden’s fake COVID diagnosis

“Everybody has got to stay ready because this virus that Gruden himself said they want to crush could pop up and it doesn’t discriminate. So this is something we could face some point in the season whether it’s our head coach, our starting quarterback, whatever.”


 If you look beyond the outright lying of the coaching staff, you will see the Gruden methodology at play. First, he is highly concerned about the virus affecting the Raiders. To the point of engaging in this stunt. Whether we agree or not, COVID-19 is a major health threat. The Raiders appear concern about how this affects the roster. Entering his third season, the ticking clock on his tenure grows louder. On a human level, you’d hope he is doing this to show care about his players. To their credit, the Raiders appear to take the pandemic seriously. In return, that makes places them miles ahead of Jack Del Rio

Raiders QB Derek Carr, on not opting out.

“I have a lot to prove to myself. I have a lot to prove to my organization. Carr, then added ‘I’m tired of being disrespected’”


 Pressure. It must be the offseason, and Derek Carr feels the heat of expectation. Seemingly every offseason, the franchise quarterback uses similar words. While it may inspire his ardent followers, those words lost all meaning. Carr’s aggressive approach acts as a counterbalance to the voluminous criticism. People want Carr to succeed. However, these bold proclamations wear people out.

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