The Miami Dolphins have been building up a roster that can contend in the AFC East in the upcoming years. They have added two more tight ends to the roster hoping to add even more depth to somewhat of a toss-up position. 

Dolphins Add Wieting, Shaheen to TE Room

The Dolphins have welcomed tight ends Nate Wieting and Adam Shaheen to the franchise in recent weeks to join front-running starter Mike Gesicki and fellow TEs Durham Smythe and Chris Myarick. Wieting was awarded to Miami after being cut by the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. He brings a fresh pair of legs that can possibly prove to be a key piece to the offense if he sees the field. Shaheen had been a member of the Chicago Bears since 2017 when he was the team’s second round pick in that year’s NFL Draft.

Wieting Not a Standout at Iowa

Wieting showed in college that with more playing time, he will produce more on the field. As a sophomore competing in the Big 10 for the University of Iowa, Wieting saw action in one game where he caught a pass for 17 yards.

The next year as a junior, Wieting went in and played in two games where he caught two total passes for 51 yards. 

During his senior year, Wieting using his veteran experience on the field, got to appear in five games. He was on the receiving end of 10 passes that racked up 117 yards. While those numbers may have fans question why he was added to the roster, the Dolphins are trying to create a corp that will be able to win more as each year passes. With Wieting showing his abilities to grow from season to season in Iowa, the hopes from Miami is that he can do the same with it.

Did Shaheen Underwhelm Chicago or are the Bears Poorly Managed?

Shaheen left a franchise via trade that at one point had 11 TEs on its roster this offseason. Chicago also spent its first pick of the 2020 NFL Draft on TE Cole Kmet

Shaheen appeared in 27 games for the Bears (13 starts) since the 2017 season, hauling in four touchdowns on 26 total receptions for 249 yards. It’s precarious as to why Chicago would be willing to move on from Shaheen so soon, especially after not truly giving him true time to develop in its offense with an underwhelming, struggling quarterback Mitchell Trubisky under center and a mismanaged backfield. If anything, the Bears had the chance to pair him with QB Nick Foles this season and see what kind of growth he could produce.

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Supposed Starter Gesicki Has More Company 

Nonetheless, the Dolphins are trying to play it smart by having multiple guys that can fill in each position if their star players go down with injury. It appears that Gesicki is going to be their main TE going into the season, but the added depth helps the team adjust when they may have to at different points during the course of the season. And to play devil’s advocate, either of these guys could push Gesicki (and others) to earn to keep their spots.

This is another situation that does not guarantee wins for the Dolphins at the present time. This is one that will have to take time to come to light. Wieting grew in college each year and he now has the opportunity to grow with a franchise that is looking to establish a promising corps.

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