Although Nelson Agholor’s final months in Philadelphia were riddled with criticism surrounding his struggles with catching the football, he still has copious amounts of promise and speed left for the Las Vegas Raiders. Agholor could rebound in Vegas.

Welcome Aboard

This offseason, Raiders completely stockpiled their wide receiver corps, leaving Agholor,  quite deep on the depth chart. Agholor’s speed and ability to get open downfield will earn him a chance to make nearly any NFL team’s roster. But, Agholor did not come to Las Vegas to simply make a roster, he came to play. 


Throughout the years, Agholor’s stats have been on a bit of a rollercoaster. His peak years came in the 2017 and 2018 seasons, in which he would record his only 700+ yard seasons and would finish both seasons with a catch rate of over 65 percent. But, in 2019, Agholor’s stats took a bit of a dive. While he would only play 10 games, he would record 363 receiving yards and post a catch rate of 56 percent. 

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Trust Issues

While his struggles are partially injury-based,  a noticeable lack of trust between Agholor and the Eagles surfaced. The reason? His unreliable hands. The biggest struggle with Agholor joining the Raiders will be his connection with Derek Carr. Carr can appear as finicky, especially in regards to his wide receivers. If Agholor can fix his hands, he could be one of the first in line to get the nod on passing downs.

Determining Factor

The Raiders have dealt with their fair share of untrustworthy hands, with Amari Cooper being the most recent and notable receiver to fall under that criteria. As many know, Cooper was determined to not be worth the extension money he was asking for, and saw a quick exit from Oakland. Unfortunately, a quick exit from the Raiders is a reality Agholor could be facing. He is incredibly talented when it comes to speed (4.44 40-yard dash), but his hands will make or break his career in Las Vegas.


The former USC Trojan clearly still has a lot left in the tank, considering how he has made it thus far without even a rumor of his release. On the plus side, watching Agholor run under a deep ball from Derek Carr will be electric. Also, watching Henry Ruggs and Agholor, should they get to share the field, spread the defense. They will not only be electric as well, but will open up receiving lanes for the rest of the team.

All in all, Nelson Agholor should have one goal this offseason: improve his pass-catching. Should he accomplish this, he could have an impressive career in Las Vegas.

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