Ben Simmons, an Australian professional basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers, has a knee injury and will not be joining his team in the near future. Joel Embiid took over the work load without Ben Simmons. If he were to drop out too, the offensive of the team would weaken incredibly and the team would be left without a leader.

Brown had said that they make their money through Joel Embiid, but it became clear what Simmons really means for the team. The team might not win every game even with Ben Simmons but without him, it is barely playing. The critics of Simmons often disregard what a special player he is while only focusing on his weaknesses and criticizing him. Even with his weaknesses and limited tactics he is a wonderful player and Brown had to think about it every single minute he planned the strategies against the Celtics. Brown says that it is not a secret that Ben Simmons is the best perimeter defensive player and that he was a legitimate Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Ben Simmons’ absence probably is the reason why sixers cannot overcome the difficulties they are facing.

During the NBA break, Sixers fans focused on consoles and iGaming 

Nowhere in the world is basketball as popular as in the USA and Canada. The best athletes from all around the world come to these countries to become a part of the NBA. The season was just starting when the countries went into a lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The basketball matches were postponed or canceled. Now that the countries are several phases into reopening the organizers come up with new ways of holding the matches and tournaments.

Baseball and soccer matches are held without the spectators, Tour de France was online, and the NBA matches are held in a bubble in Disney World Orlando, Florida. But when people had no competitions to watch, video gaming and iGaming became even more popular. iGaming is increasingly popular throughout the world.

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Nowadays Digital casinos offer not only traditional gaming but also the new age casino games. Traditional gaming industry is fully adapted to the digital world where gamers can play black jack online, slots with exclusive plot, and poker in live tournaments. From multiple professional basketball video games, the majority are set in the National Basketball Association virtual world. The games are available on consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. When the matches were canceled Sixers fans enjoyed playing virtual basketball during the pandemic. Virtual basketball can be played with multiple gamers so it could keep the whole family occupied. As the iGaming industry is growing, fans are asking for NBA game adaptation to these platforms. The biggest brands in the digital casino industry should be ready for a partnership with the NBA as it will be a huge step in both industries. 

Do Sixers need to fire Brett Brown?

The Philadelphia 76ers have been struggling a lot before they got Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. This year’s loss to the Boston Celtics might have been the last drop that was needed to raise a question whether or not Brett Brown should be fired. The team lost the conference semifinals two years in a row. Instead of replacing Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid, the team’s top players, some people think, the coach Brett Brown should be fired. Brown has been the head coach of the team for the last seven years. He started coaching the team when there were neither Simmons nor Embiid and Brown was as important in the process of gaining the team’s identity as the star players. But the team needs a change and the best way to go about it might be replacing the coach.


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