Jokerit Helsinki is set to begin their KHL season on September 3rd facing off against Dinamo Minsk. The opening game for both teams will be held in Belarus.

As the Dinamo Minsk fan club already announced their boycott of teams home games, Jokerit Helsinki fan club is now showing their solidarity and are calling for a postponement of the game.

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The following is a statement from Fanclub of Jokerit HC:

”Fanclub of Jokerit HC, Eteläpääty Association opposes the upcoming game between Jokerit HC and Dinamo Minsk on 3.9.2020.

In such a situation, Dinamo Minsk should at least be able to postpone the match to another time. The transfer of matches is not exceptional in the KHL, nor in other series. In our opinion, the current situation in the country provides all the conditions to demand the postponement of the match.

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Eteläpääty will support the team’s decision if the team decides not to go to Minsk and gives a direct surrender win to the opponent.

The fan group of Dinamo Minsk has also announced that they will boycott the team’s matches. Dinamo fans are demanding that the club condemn the violence, demand the release of illegally detained civilians, publicly declare the past elections illegitimate, and call for new elections with an honest and transparent vote count. Eteläpääty wants to show its support to its competitors’ fans with their demands.’belaru

We can be sure that this isn’t going to be a unique situation and there could be more support headed Minsks’ fan clubs’ way.


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