Tom Brady and the Buccaneers saw their first “game” action during an inter-squad scrimmage at Raymond James Stadium on Friday. With preseason games canceled, this was the first time Brady and the offense have seen live game situations together and his new coach came away impressed with the 43-year-old, six-time Super Bowl champion.

“He was fired up. He was ready to go,” coach Bruce Arians said via ESPN. “It was his first time in a game atmosphere. He had great command. He was getting ’em in and out, forcing his will on some guys that were tired.”

Brady led the Bucs on three scoring drives in his four possessions, including an opening drive that set up a one-yard touchdown run from Ronald Jones. He added another touchdown through the air, a two-yard strike to Cameron Brate, and a field goal. He “unofficially” went 13-of-18 for 170 yards and a touchdown.

“I thought Tom was very, very efficient. Good job of leadership,” Arians said via Greg Auman of The Athletic.

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Not bad for the new guy who is starting his first camp with a team other than the New England Patriots who drafted him in 2000. Of course, the real test will come in 17 days when the Buccaneers kick off the season against the Saints and Drew Brees in New Orleans. However, in addition to today’s scrimmage, it’s been nothing but praise about Brady’s camp from media and teammates.

Most importantly, the demise of Brady’s arm seems, at least early on, to have been greatly exaggerated. As noted by Greg Aumen in his latest column, Brady connected with fellow sixth-rounder Scotty Miller for a 45-yard completion, in stride, all through the air. Impressive for a guy he supposedly “can’t throw past 10 yards”.

It shouldn’t really come as any surprise considering the idea that Brady “doesn’t have a good arm now (ever)” is not rooted in anything factual. Nonetheless, the narrative has legs and it seems as though people outside of New England, specifically Tampa, are finally starting to see through it.

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