For the last six seasons, the Raiders, whether in Oakland or Las Vegas, raised hopes of an entire fanbase. From disappointments and anger to the 2016 Christmas Nightmare, this team drives fans to tears and beers. Yet, something feels rather different. Whether it’s the new city or stadium, or maybe cabin fever settling, the Raiders could be actually decent. Here’s why?

No Excuses

from the outside, the 2020 Raiders cannot fall back on any excuses. Wanted weapons for Carr? Ruggs, Edwards, Bowden find their way via the draft. As a result, ignore the blind fans from using a dearth of talent as a crutch. As such, the team should play with a bit more aggression offensively. Young, elusive, and fast. For the first time in a while, the Raiders should put up points in the redzone, cashing in sixes.

Top Three

If you would have thought the Raiders would employ three top-three offensive players, you’d swear Carr or Jacobs would grab mention. Yet, Rodney Hudson, Trent Brown, and Darren Waller occupy their spots. In Hudson, they have arguably the best center in the league. My daughter has last more teeth than sacks surrendered by Hudson. Next, the mammoth Brown gives the Raiders a bookend that solves a long-term problem. From Austin Howard to Menelik Watson to Vadal Alexander, the team lacked right side help. Meanwhile, the Raiders inked Waler to a low-cost contract, despite emerging a Carr’s favorite weapon. Knowing Waller’s story, you understand his ascension and drive to succeed. The Raiders have some elite offensive talent.

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Cleaning Up

Without a doubt, parts of the 2020 schedule could see the Raiders stack wins. The Jets, Dolphins, Panthers, Chargers, and Broncos (twice) provides the team with shots to succeed. Not saying any of these games are gimmes. However, they should far rather well in many of this, with a legitimate chance to emerge victoriously. Overall, the schedule actually favors the Raiders and they need to do everything in their power to secure these wins. The offense matches up well with most of these teams.

Realistic Optimism

Now, let’s stop the nonsense. The Raiders will struggle at points. They’re not the recent Patriots. We’ve seen Derek Carr struggle to a point. Yet, they will be competitive more often than not. As a result, this team should compete for the playoffs, late in the season.

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