After clearing waivers following his release from the Jaguars, Leonard Fournette is free to sign with any team he choices and despite having already added LeSean McCoy, the Buccaneers are reportedly one of the teams interesting in the former fourth overall pick.

Fournette had a not-so-harmonious exit from the franchise that drafted him. However, he isn’t the only one from that core that went to the AFC Championship game in 2017. Several of the key players from that team, such as Jalen Ramsey and Yannick Ngakoue, have been jettisoned over the last 18 months and Fournette has become just another casualty of that purge.

Fournette Career

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Game Game Rush Rush Rush Rush Rece Rece Rece
Year Age G GS Rush Yds TD Y/A Rec Yds TD
2017 22 13 13 268 1040 9 3.9 36 302 1
2018 23 8 8 133 439 5 3.3 22 185 1
2019 24 15 15 265 1152 3 4.3 76 522 0
Care Care 36 36 666 2631 17 4.0 134 1009 2

Despite the Jaguars’ tumultuous 2019 season, Fournette had a career-best 1,154 rushing yards. In addition, he added 76 receptions for 553 yards and had three total touchdowns. Now, the touchdown total is low but he suited up for 15 games and saw success on the grown despite the Jaguars limitations in the passing.

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Would he be a fit for the Bucs? Sure. He is a talented player and the Bucs are a team with a small window to win a Super Bowl. Surely, if signed, it would create a logjam in the backfield with Ronald Jones, who was declared the top guy by Bruce Arians, rookie Ke’Shawn Vaughn, and newly signed LeSean McCoy. But, given the Bucs position as a top Super Bowl contender, they may try to pull out all the stops to maximize their short window.


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