Welcome to Crossbody of Work, a show where we break down a wrestler’s career through five of their biggest matches.

This week we continue our look at the Excellence of Execution, Bret Hart. Part one focused on his tag team exploits, and this episode focuses on the start of his singles run. We see Bret get singles gold against Roddy Piper, and headline Wrestlemania against Yokozuna. Matches against Owen Hart, Diesel and British Bulldog round out one of the best quality episodes we’ve ever seen. On top of the matches, Evan & Javier also talk about:

  • The World Cup
  • Clint Eastwood
  • Time blending together in quarantine
  • Annoying little siblings

And a lot more.

Listen to the podcast here, and check out the links to the matches below.

Match One:

Bret Hart vs “Rowdy” Roddy Piper (c) – Intercontinental Championship Match – Wrestlemania 8
Link to the match here.

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Match Two:

Bret Hart (c) vs British Bulldog – Intercontinental Championship Match – Summerslam 1992
Link to the match here.

Promo: Bret Calls Out Ric Flair

Match Three:

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart – Wrestlemania 10
Link to the match here.

Match Four:

Bret Hart vs Yokozuna (c) – WWF Heavyweight Championship Match – Wrestlemania 10
Link to the match here.

Match Five:

Bret Hart vs Diesel (c) – WWF Heavyweight Championship Match – Royal Rumble 1995
Link to the match here.

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