He may not play your fantasy team, but Zay Jones could pull some weight with the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders, already endured a quick turnover with Tyrell Williams heading to IR.  However, it may take a little more to get Jones a healthy amount of minutes.


Last season, Jones appeared in 10 games for the Raiders, recording 27 catches for 216 yards, averaging eight yards per catch. While that is certainly not ideal for a 6’2” receiver, it is on pace with Derek Carr’s average depth of target from the 2019 season. Jones played regularly as the Raiders attempted to figure out their wide receiver corps but clearly played well enough to hang around.


For him to get reps, the Raiders rookie wide receivers must severely disappoint. But, as the Philadelphia Eagles learned last season, it can never hurt to have a plethora of receivers waiting in the wings. Especially in this unpredictable season, the more depth the Raiders can have, the better.

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According to reports from the Raiders’ camp, he impressed coaches and teammates in training camp. Now that the rosters have been set, he is in a tricky situation as he does not have a starting spot.  However, without any bias, expect him to stay on the roster, as he brings far more to the table than any receiver who could be called up in place of him. 


Jones was far more dependent on during his time in Buffalo, but this appears to be a better situation for him. The Raiders have built an incredible offensive powerhouse, and Jones not being on the starting roster can be viewed as a positive note: The Raiders’ starting wide receivers are all better than Zay Jones. It can sound harsh, but if Jones shares the same goals as the Raiders’ organization, he should be excited.


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