The team captains were announced for the Buccaneers on Tuesday, and to no surprise, Tom Brady is one of them. Brady has impressed coaches and teammates in his short time in Tampa and his teammates have taken notice.

In the last few years in New England had its challenges, Super Bowl success aside. Primarily, the roster was not built to favor a 43-year-old quarterback looking to win his 7th Super Bowl. Tampa offs Brady what the Patriots couldn’t… a cavalcade of offensive weapons. He seems more energetic, focused, and positive. Brady being named captain should be no shock to anyone.

In addition to Brady, wide receiver Mike Evans was also named captain on offense. On defense linebackers, Lavonte David and Devin White were named captains and on special teams, punter Bradley Pinion and Linebacker Kevin Minter got the call.

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Bruce Arians Has High Praise For Brady As A Leader

This summer head coach Bruce Arians was on Joe Maddon’s YouTube Show “Uncorked,” and spoke about Brady’s leadership.

“We got a great locker room, but to now get a guy that’s been there, done it, six times, (he’s) the G.O.A.T,?” When he talks, they listen. It’s so different than a coach. I think for us as coaches, there has to be a bond between the coach and those guys so that you give them ownership. You ask them questions. How do you want to do things? So if they think they have a big hand in it, they send a message to the rest of the guys. They send your message to the rest of the guys. With Tom, it’s been fantastic.”

There’s no doubt what Brady learned about team chemistry, with the Patriots he’s carried it over to the Buccaneers. It would help team chemistry if there were a preseason, but it shouldn’t matter much. Brady knows how to adjust in different situations. Preseason games could’ve helped but when you have great talent around you it should work well.

Brady being named a team captain speaks volumes to his impact with his new teammates. Despite their statistically impressive seasons last year, it’s not crazy to think Chris Godwin and Mike Evans have a better year in 2021. They have a legendary quarterback throwing to them, who will put them in the best spot to make a play. The most IMPACTFUL play.

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