The Chicago Bears looked like they were still hibernating through the first three quarters. Suddenly, they exploded in the fourth and snatched a victory from the Detroit Lions in Week 1. 

Well, that was an interesting game. The Chicago Bears, coming off an offseason without any preseason games, looked disinterested and ineffective for three quarters. They fell behind 23-6 and it looked like the would start 0-1 for the seventh straight season.

Suddenly, however, in the final quarter, they woke up. The defense, the same one that was getting bashed for a quarter and a half, tightened up and made key plays. They had a key interception in the fourth quarter that led to the go-ahead touchdown. On the last drive, they also had a sack that helped run down the clock.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who completed 12 passes in three quarters, completed eight in the fourth quarter, including six consecutive. He was 8-12 for 89 yards and 3 touchdowns just in the final quarter. It was the first time since December of 2014 the Bears scored 21 points in the fourth quarter.

It was incredible to see how the Bears came back in this game. They looked absolutely disinterested after the Lions scored 17 straight points. Lions running back Adrian Peterson, who just signed with the Lions after Washington cut him, felt right at home gashing the Bears’ defense. He gained 93 yards on 14 carries, averaging 6.6 yards per rush.

Additionally, Stafford spent the game carving out the Bears defense. He finished the game 24-42 for 297 yards and a touchdown. At one point, he completed eight straight passes while he was building up the lead.

Is this the new-look Trubisky the Bears told us about?

The Bears players and coaches kept telling us different Trubisky was. He supposedly had better footwork, accuracy, and decision-making than he had previously. When the lights went on and he played in a real game, however, he looked like the same Trubisky. He missed open receivers, throwing behind them or too high. The fans on social media were already calling for his backup, Nick Foles, to come in.

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Then the fourth quarter happened.

The up-tempo offense the Bears utilized to try to get back really helped Trubisky. He just played naturally and wasn’t thinking about anything. When he had to slow down he overthought everything and it hurt his play. This is the same Trubisky we’ve seen.

Trubisky needs to change that if he wants to keep his job. If he keeps falling behind he won’t be able to depend on throwing three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to bail him out. As a result, we could see Foles at some point.

Good to see the running game do well

One good thing to see throughout the game was the running game perform well. The Bears rushed for 149 yards on 28 carries. That averages out to 5.3 yards per rush. The rushing attack averaged 3.7 yards per rush so that was great. David Montgomery had 64 yards to lead the Bears rushing attack.

Backup Tarik Cohen had 41 yards. He spent much of last season running east-to-west, not gaining enough yards. Against the Lions, he ran north-south and averaged 5.9 yards per run.

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If the Bears offense performs well in 2020 the running game needs to do well. Week 1 was a good start.

The offensive line needs to get some credit. This unit was horrible last season, but they worked against the Lions. Trubisky was sacked just once and he had a pretty clean pocket for most of the game. The linemen gave the running backs some good holes to run through. Hopefully, this lasts all season.

This game gave the fans some frustrations and some elation. Since there were no preseason games, we should expect some up and down play. However, the Chicago Bears had super highs and super lows. We expect them to level out and play well for the rest of the season. For now, though, let’s take a breath and enjoy this win.

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