Week one did not go the way Cowboys’ fans were expecting. The Los Angeles Rams defense was disruptive enough to cause the Dallas offense to look lethargic. Injuries hit the Cowboys hard in week one and focus now shifts to the Atlanta Falcons who did not play well against the Seattle Seahawks.

First, looking at the game last Sunday night, it was tough not to be reminded of the Cowboys from last year. The Dallas defense had difficulties getting off the field and after the loss of Leighton Vander Esch to a collarbone injury the problem became more pronounced. Another area of concern is the Dallas secondary, the safeties at times looked lost in coverage. The Dallas defense did settle down and were able to force turnovers, but the concern still exists for a unit that was supposed to be more aggressive and improved this season.

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 The final major area of concern is the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys. Mixing up the play calling on first down would be a big help. Los Angeles was able to pick up on the first down runs being called. Opening the passing game, a bit more would be beneficial to the Cowboys as well. The offensive line had issues in pass protection, but that is going to happen when the opposing team has a player as dominate as Aaron Donald is. Bottom line, regarding the Rams’ game is that it never should have wound up in the official’s hands at the end of the game.

Looking ahead to the Atlanta Falcons, the pass defense will need to be much improved this weekend. Atlanta has Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Matt Ryan, so the Cowboys can expect to be tested deep. The Cowboys’ defense will need to pressure Ryan, look for Aldon Smith to continue his solid play. As for the offense, everyone would like to see a more aggressive game plan going into the Falcons’ game. We will see if that comes to pass.

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