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The Vegas Raiders defense needs an overhaul and those early picks could get splurged on the offensive side of the ball
On the field, the younger Pittman checks the boxes for what Gruden loves in a wideout.
If you’ve paid attention, Gruden loves to surround himself with his people. On top of that, Mike Mayock looks to put even more of his stamp on this offense.
Arkansas State receivers showed out in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl as the National team secured a 30-20 win over the American team at the Rose Bowl Jan. 18.
This game separates itself from other All-Star games by not only providing a week of NFL styled practice but also a series of alumni events meant to teach players how to prepare for the off-field life of a professional athlete.
Plus, as a bonus, the Raiders could see him name midway on Day Three. As a result, talent, value, and an immediate plug-in give Hightower a nod, should the Raiders choose him.
Right now, Ward presents a much higher ceiling than either Richard and Washington. He’s a better natural receiver than Richard and more elusive than Washington.
Separation and the fear of a vertical threat. More importantly, Victor could serve as a Day Three option

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