PODCAST: NFL Talking Heads; Top Rookie Fantasy TE’s and WR’s

In the second part of the NFL Talking Heads rookie coverage, Jeff and Seth cover WRs and TEs that have entered the NFL. Which WR & TE should you be looking at for the 2018 season and beyond? They give you the answer! In addition, the duo steps outside the box a bit and talk about the top 5 TV Shows of all time.

PODCAST: NFL Talking Heads; Fantasy Rookie QB’s and RB’s

Jeff and Seth, the NFL Talking Heads, return for another great fantasy football podcast. In this episode, they cover the top five QB's and top eight RB'sĀ from the NFL draft for the upcoming 2018 season for redraft seasons and dynasty leagues.

PODCAST: Ross Tucker Joins the NFL Talking Heads

The NFL Talking Heads are joined by Ross Tucker to talk the 2018 NFL Draft QBs and much more. Jeff and Seth also discuss their top 10 fantasy landing spots across all positions.

PODCAST: Fantasy Rookie Running Backs of 2018

Where a running back lands plays a crucial role in the fantasy appeal for a lot of running backs. Not everyone has the time or wants to watch college football, The NFL Talking Heads break down the simple attributes of the top six rookie running backs.

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