PODCAST: Rampage Radio – Ep 8 – Combine and FA Signings

Hosts JRobb and J are back for another episode of Rampage Radio on the Full Press Coverage Radio Network! In this episode, the two take a look at the Rams signings and acquisitions during the opening of NFL Free Agency this past week.

PODCAST: Rampage Radio Ep 2; Defensive Free Agents

In the second installment of Rampage Radio on the FPC Radio Network, JRob and Justin take a look at potential free agent defensive players the Rams could add to their Aaron Donald led defense. In addition, the two look at the coaching carousel in the NFL! 

Podcast: Full Press Coverage Rampage Radio

Your hosts JRob and Jay are here in their first-ever podcast teamed up with FPC. They are joined by Editor-In-Chief Ian Glendon to let readers know exactly what our goal is here at the site. Also, stay tuned for some Super Bowl breakdown and, of course, some Los Angeles Rams insight.

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