Three Games That Summed Up the 2017 Raiders

Oakland Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree
In 2017, we saw three different sides of the Raiders. The good, the bad, and the ugly. These three highlighted games illustrate that. Good: Week 7 – Raiders 31, Chiefs 30 Riding a four game losing streak, the 2-4 Raiders hosted the 5-1 Kansas City Chiefs...

Kick Push: Raiders Hoping Return Game Coasts to Playoffs

Oakland Raiders WR Ryan Switzer
There’s no point sugar coating this aspect of the Oakland Raiders game. Let’s just be brutally honest: The Raiders return units have been anything but special.

Test Drive: Raiders Eager To Unleash Front Four

Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther
Slated to import a downhill aggressive four down linemen front he ran with the Cincinnati Bengals, Guenther may possess the necessary ingredients to brew up a perfect storm in Oakland.

FPC Raiders Face Off: Debating the Draft

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden
With the 2018 NFL Draft firmly in the books, what conclusions still need drawing? The newly minted Raiders will begin camp this summer. Before they take their first snap, opinion on how the Silver and Black fared remains a hotly debated argument. FPC Raiders...

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: LB Darius Leonard

Oakalnd Raiders Draft Prospect Darius Leonard
With a new defense, an infusion of youth and speed could make Paul Guenther’s scheme that much better. Currently, Leonard looks like a second day pick.

Raiders Position Change: Irvin’s Move to DE

Raiders defensive end Bruce Irvin
In reality, Bruce Irvin’s move to defensive end signals a change in recent Raiders philosophy.

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: CB Greg Stroman

Oakland Raiders draft prospect CB Greg Stroman
2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Name: Greg Stroman Position: CB School: Virginia Tech Height: 5’11” Weight: 178 pounds Projected Round: 3-5 Stats // // Speed If you had to describe how Stroman runs, the word effortless comes to mind. He does not labor getting to speed. From the snap, Stroman accelerates with the receiver. Vertically, Stroman...

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: CB Joshua Jackson

Oakland Raiders draft prospect Joshua Jackson
2018 Raiders Draft Profile Name: Joshua Jackson Position: CB School: Iowa Height: 6’ 1” Weight: 192 lbs.   Statistics // Team Fit Joshua Jackson is one of the better corners in this year’s draft. The Raiders have a huge need in their secondary. Reggie McKenzie chose the free agent route for starters, instead of...

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile: WR Dante Pettis

Oakland Raiders Draft Prospect WR Dante Pettis
2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile Name: Dante Pettis Position: Wide Receiver/Returner School: Washington Height: 6-foot-1 Weight: 175 pounds Projected Round: 3-4 Stats: // // Whenever Dante Pettis had the ball, Washington was howling. The omega to John Ross’ alpha at UW in 2016, expectations for Pettis were high. After an electric junior campaign (17 total...

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: P Michael Dickson

Oakland Raiders draft prospect PUNTER Michael Dickson
2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile Name: Michael Dickson Position: Punter School: University of Texas Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 205 pounds Stats: // Projected: 3-5 The Oakland Raiders have been the benefactors of a sound punting game since the 2000 season. The two men who occupied the punter position during that period were Shane Lechler...

Unheralded: Raiders CB McDonald Embraces Increased Role

Oakland Raiders DB Dexter McDonald
The Oakland Raiders need strong secondary play. While not a superstar, Dexter McDonald bring solid effort.

2018 Raiders Draft Prospect: RB Derrius Guice

2018 Oakland Raiders draft prospect Derrius Guice
2018 Raiders Draft Prospect Name: Derrius Guice Position: RB School: Louisiana State University Height: 5-foot-11 Weight: 211 pounds Projected: Rounds 1-2 Stats: // First, Derrick Guice’s draft declaration earlier this month adds another high-quality prospect to an already loaded running back draft class for 2018. Louisiana State found out quickly if you Derrius Guice...

Todd’s Gift: Downing’s Presence Hinders Raiders, Irks Fans

Raiders offensive coordinator Todd Downing
Without a doubt, Todd Downing managed a miraculous feat in 2017. For the first time, he united the entire Raiders fanbase. Fans that normally bicker over team location and other drama now fight for a singular cause. RaiderNation wants Todd Downing fired as soon...

2018 Raiders Draft Profile: LB Josey Jewell

Oakalnd Raiders draft prospect JoseyKJewell
The Oakland Raiders head into the 2018 offseason with much speculation and interest surrounding them. Bringing back former head coach Jon Gruden on a jaw-dropping 10-year/$100 million contract has raised eyebrows and expectations. With a guaranteed top-10 pick in the draft, most predict where...

Honest Approach: Raiders HC Gruden Delivers Truth

Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden
Listening to Jon Gruden results in being hit with the full gamut. From coach speak, to clichés and then to technical terminology, you go from seemingly knowing everything to absolutely nothing about the game.

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