Two Wrestlers That WWE and AEW Should Lure

Impact wrestler Tessa Blanchard
With AEW and WWE beginning the next organizational war in pro wrestling, talent seeking lucrative contracts become a priority. With that said, for all of the independent/smaller fed talent, the top two will raid the roster of every other company.

Opinion: The Idiocy of Joey Ryan

Jim Cornette
Before you judge Jim Cornette’s comments, listen to the entire show.

Opinion: Make Hangman Page The Face of AEW

AEW's Adam Page
When AEW conducted their introductory press conference, skepticism clouded the air. Granted, ALL IN served as a jumping point. However, that card, melded with...

Talkamania – Ep 108 – Money In The Bank Fallout; AEW...

On this week's episode, Dez and Jay Bomb discuss the fallout from WWE Money in the Bank and take a look at AEW Double or Nothing.

Talkamania – Ep 111 – Are We No Longer WWE Guys?;...

On this week's episode, Dez and Jay Bomb discuss the current state of the WWE and give an AEW Fyter Fest update.

Talkamania – Ep 109 – Moxamania; Double Or Nothing Fallout; NXT...

On this week's episode, Dez and Jay Bomb talk about Jon Moxley's debut with AEW and his thoughts on his departure from WWE.

Talkamania – Ep 112 – AEW Fyter Festival Is No Joke;...

On this episode of Talkamania, Dez and Jay Bomb tell you why Fyter Fest is no joke and they look ahead to WWE Stomping Grounds this Sunday.

Social Kayfabe- Social Media and Pro Wrestling: For Better or Worse

Is Social Media ruining our watching experience? Or can we get used to Social Kayfabe? We take a look at how social media changes our wrestling experience.

Opinion: Harley Race and His Template for Modern Success

Harley Race
When Harley Race died on Thursday, it struck a resounding chord with me. Granted, Race retired from the ring in 1990, he managed to...

AEW: Predicting the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament

AEW has released the bracket for their tag team championship tournament. Who will be crowned the first tag champs of All Elite Wrestling?

Talkamania – Ep 110 – NXT Takeover XXV Fallout; Salty Or...

On this episode of Talkamania, Deez and Jay Bomb deal with the fallout of NXT Takeover XXV and 'Salty or Sweet' Returns.

Talkamania – Ep 106 – The State of the WWE; AEW...

Check out the latest epiosde of the Talkamania Podcast with Dezmino and Jay Bomb as they discuss the latest news around the pro wrestling world.

AEW Double or Nothing 2020 Results, Grade & Recap

AEW Double or Nothing 2020 results, grades & analysis - Jon Moxley beats Brodie Lee, Stadium Stampede madness, Brian Cage and more.

Who Will Be the Next WWE Superstar to Sign and Appear...

It's not a question of "IF" but "WHEN" and "WHO" will jump ship to AEW next? Here are the odds on the current WWE roster as to who could be next.

AEW Fyter Fest 2019 Predictions

AEW Fyter Fest 2019 Predictions. Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela, plus Kenny Omega, Fenix, Nyla Rose, Cody, Adam Page and more in action.

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