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Predictions for tomorrow’s game vs. Washington.


Chargers 27, Redskins 17


I predict with my little eyes a VICTORY of extreme proportions. Rivers and Hunter connnect for 2 TDs and Hunter will lead the team in yards while Keenan is battling Kendall Fuller and that other guy form there Panthers which are, along with Casey and Trevor, one of the best CB combos in the league. Melvin will bounce back with a strong performance as well as the other Melvin. Bosa will be Bosa which autocorrects to BOSS. I’ll eat at least 3 slices of strawberry cheesecake by half time and will add to that lead to end the game 31 - 24 Chargers with 13 strawberry cheesecake slices in my belly by the end of the game. Oh yeah and Ricky Henne will ball out with his cock out.

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