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Goff or Wentz


Hey Rams fans!

If you were starting an NFL franchise today, would you rather have Goff or Wentz under center?

Personally, I would go with Goff because I love his ability and potential as a pocket passer. Wentz is more a playmaker who loves to escape the pocket and make plays with his legs.

Both guys have clear star potential and I believe it comes down to a preference of style.

Enjoy the game and go Rams


I really like both guys, but I'm gonna have to go with Wentz here. He's pretty much the total package: he has a big arm, he's athletic, he reads defenses well and he has shown much improved decision making skills. Both of them are probably going to make several Pro Bowl teams in their future, though.


I don't think you can go wrong with either or. Wentz is the more Mature of the two but Goff has grown more. Goff is to Brees what Wentz is to Rodgers.

I think both quarterbacks have grown into their teams and are great fits. The best way to answer is to consider how well each would play if they were to switch teams. Would Goff be as successful in Philly as Wentz has been and would Wentz shine in Los Angeles as Goff has?

Goff's strengths are Wentz's weaknesses and vice versa. If you combined the two you'd have the ultimate dynamo under center.

Ultimately I feel it's a wash.

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