Atlantic Division

Around the NBA

The New York Knicks Dream Scenario

New York Knicks fans should be praying fervently for this scenario.  The NBA Draft lottery is taking place on Tuesday, May 14th, and NBA fans and...

Why the Trade of Tobias Harris is Crucial for 76ers Success

With trade window now closed, the 76ers pulled off a trade that got them Marjanovic, Harris and Mike Scott. Meanwhile, Clippers have received Landry...

Rapid Fire Thoughts On The Porzingis Trade

In case you missed it, a trade happened in the National Basketball Association. The New York Knicks sent Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway...

Breaking Down The Anthony Davis Trade Situation

New Orleans’ Pelicans superstar, Anthony Davis, is widely regarded as a perennial MVP candidate and top-5 player in the league, averaging an...

How The Jonas Valancunias Injury impacts Greg Monroe

After being signed by the Toronto Raptors in the offseason, Greg Monroe was expected to be second on the depth chart at...

Atlantic Division Standings

1. Toronto Raptors (6-1)
2. Boston Celtics (4-2)
3. Philadelphia 76ers (4-3)
4. Brooklyn Nets (2-5)
5. New York Knicks (2-5)

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