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IMPORTANT TO NOTE: As of 2/25/20, this form has been slightly altered. The form replicates that of the Megaphone hosting platform that eventually everyone will have access to to post their episodes on their own. Please pay cloes attention to the options and read the descriptions carefully. By the time you have access to your shows dashboard, you will be very comfortable with the process.


  • Most of our shows episode titles will ALWAYS start with “Ep #: Unique Title”, however, some will use the date “2/25 – Unique Title” instead of the Ep. Reference your previous episodes if you are unsure.
  • Episode summaries should be compact but engaging. Pose questions to your potential listeners and learn to reel them in with an intriguing description of the show.
Every title should begin with "Ep #: Unique/Engaging Title"
This field should contain the episode title only. Please do not add any other information like episode number, date, etc.
A brief description of the show that appears in the description column in the iTunes store. Apple suggests only using a few words but most podcasters enter a complete sentence.
This appears prominently in most podcast players and can provide your listeners with further resources and information related to this episode. Links are permitted. Make the summary a solid few sentences.
Indicate the time in which you paused for a break.
If you have a guest, insert name here
Anything else including additional guests.