Finding the ideal trade partner for the Colts on Draft Night

So the Colts are currently 3-10, after losing perhaps the ugliest game of the season on OT, 13-7, against the Buffalo Bills on a very snowy day. This loss, after the Bears beat the Bengals and the Broncos beat the Jets, resulted in the Colts owning the third overall pick (for now) in next years draft. The Colts have not had a pick that high since Andrew Luck was selected with the first overall pick five years ago. While the Colts might be looking to add another superstar, following a different route with such a high value draft pick might prove beneficial for the future.

First, the Colts need to identify the perfect team to trade with. Such team should be in desperate need for a franchise quarterback, as there are only two elite prospects in this years class: UCLA’s Josh Rosen, and USC’s Sam Darnold. Both prospects are regarded as franchise quarterbacks, a hot commodity in this days NFL. It has been proven throughout the last decade that a good quarterback will give a team many wins, the Colts have proven that an elite quarterback (Andrew Luck) can mask all types of flaws in a team. Teams like the Texans have proven that playoff success is elusive without a proper quarterback, no matter the overall quality of the roster.

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With that in mind, the Colts have to be looking for a solid team, that is just a quarterback away from being a powerhouse. The first option that comes to mind is the New York Jets, which currently hold the 10th overall pick. The Jets have a solid but not great team, and their starting quarterback is 38 year old journeyman Josh McCown. The Jets have been looking for their franchise quarterback since Mark “Buttfumble” Sanchez, so the Colts should try and cash in on that desperation much like the Rams did with the Redskins in 2012.

The Colts could ask the Jets for multiple first round picks, and even a few second or third rounders. The Colts are not in need of another superstar, but need quality players in nearly every position. The equation is simple. More draft picks=more young talent for the team to develop, assuming that Ballard continues drafting solid players.

The Colts might even still be able to select either Quenton Nelson or Mike McGlinchey out of Notre Dame, or Connor Williams out of Texas, players that would definitely be day one starters on the Colts offensive line. They could help give Andrew Luck the protection he needs in order to survive.

There are still three games left on the season, so draft order is subject to change, but barring any major surprises or upsets the Colts will end up with a top three pick. This pick could help either make or break Andrew Luck’s chances of winning a SupernBowl for the Colts, assuming he can still play.

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