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Top Southpaw Prospects

Be prepared. You have been put on notice. The southpaws are on the way to a ballpark near you. An impressive collection of gifted...

National League

Padres Team Overlook

Bryce Harper, former Nationals Outfielder, MVP, and All-Star, could be off to San Diego. He met with the team earlier this week Although Harper has...

Cincinnati Skyline Shuffle

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Cincinnati Skyline Shuffle

Country music legend Kenny Rogers once sang, “You gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold them. Know when to walk away,...

Prospect Profile: Josh Jung

Josh Jung has spent the past two seasons raking in the middle of the Texas Tech lineup. The numbers that he has...

The Sonny Gray Saga: Gray Dealt to Reds in Three Team Deal

It is fair to say that this offseason is similar to last offseason in the sense that it is uneventful. While we...

2019 Baseball Hall Of Fame Class announced

The Baseball Hall Of Fame has announced its class of 2019. Joining Harold Baines and Lee Smith, the Veterans Commitee inductees, are...

My Hall Of Fame Ballot

It will be announced later today, on MLB Network, that we will have three or four new inductees into Cooperstown. Former Yankees...

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