The New Orleans Saints face off with the New York Jets this upcoming Sunday. For the Saints, Sunday is about playoff seeding and winning a division. For the Jets, this game represents an opportunity to learn more about young talent.

As the season comes to a close, both teams have overall been surprising, and have a handful of young fun pieces going forward. To learn more about the Jets and their future we brought in a fellow FPC editor. Kyle Hirshkind of FPC Jets agreed to share his perspective on the Jets as well as an opinion on the Saints. We hope both Jets and Saints fans enjoy, what became a wonderful outsider’s perspective.

1. The Jets have had quite the interesting season. They’ve been more competitive than most would have ever imagined. What are your thoughts, on the season?

Kyle: “The Jets have had an interesting season, to say the least. They have exceeded season expectations by a long shot. But on the other hand, they have been disappointing. Too many close games falling into the loss column. They have a lot to improve on and look as though they are making strides toward being a threatening team down the road. I think 2017, for the Jets, will be remembered as a solid development year. They’ve hit the early jackpot on Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, and have been successful at throwing others into the spotlight, ultimately tapping into some serious potential. Overall, I’m proud of what this team has accomplished in 2017, even if it doesn’t exactly reflect in the win column.”

2. Many New Orleans Saints fans had a pipe dream of landing Jamal Adams. With his rookie season almost complete, what’s his ceiling?

Kyle: “I’m looking up and can’t see the ceiling for Jamal Adams. Sure, he hasn’t been perfect this year, but that’s expected. The way he attacks the game, some would say, is like that of a veteran. I think he’ll only continue to improve and one day be one the Jets greats. It’s funny that people also forget about Marcus Maye. Arguably, he’s been outplaying Jamal. I think they both have extremely high ceilings going forward.”

3. Who is Robby Anderson? Future stud number two receiver? Could he be better?

Kyle: “I can’t lie, I was never too high on Robby Anderson before this year. I saw a dude with a fragile framework who was too inexperienced in his position. Man did he prove me wrong though, and I’m not mad about it one bit. Similar to Adams and Maye, it seems like Anderson is only now starting to tap into this potential. I think he’s proved his worth to the Jets and will continue to be their number one guy for quite some time.”

4. Any Bryce Petty optimism?

Kyle: “Hard to be optimistic about Bryce Petty. He’s had his chances to prove himself but has yet to make the most of it. Petty is still very young, you can give him that, but he needs a lot of refinement, and that is time the Jets don’t have. I think he’s going to struggle this week against the Saints, and in the last two games after that as well.”

5. Outsider’s perspective on Saints

Kyle: “I see the Saints, and I think uh oh. This team can put up points and beat up a defense. Drew Brees is godlike in himself, and he’s made that team a powerhouse. The defense has improved quite a bit as well. They are a legit Super Bowl contender this year, and I think they’re going to give the Jets a run for their money this week.”

That wraps up the end of FCP Saints’ first outsider’s perspective installment. Hope everyone enjoyed learning more about the New York Jets before Sunday’s showdown. Special thanks to Kyle and FCP Jets, be sure to check out their content as well.


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