REPORT: Andrew Luck returning from Europe soon to begin throwing with bicep tendon surgery possible.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN tweeted earlier today that Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck is returning from his rehab treatment trip in Europe and will begin his throwing regiment again. However, Mortensen also reports that if the pain in his shoulder does not improve, surgery on his bicep tendon is possible, but at the moment Luck and company remain very optimistic.

Luck’s return to Indy and throwing is good news for Colts fans, but it is worrisome that another surgery is possible for the Colts most valuable player. The specific operation presented in Mortensen’s report is bicep tenodesis, which involves anchoring or supporting the bicep tendon to the labrum, to alleviate pain and strengthen the area. The procedure carries a three to sixth month recovery period and should help the long-term viability and integrity of the shoulder. Since Luck’s original injury in early 2015, it has been mostly nothing but bad news for Colts fans, and this could turn into another offseason of fretting over the status of their quarterback by Colts fans.

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This decision will likely happen in mid-January, which would put Luck’s possible return to the team in June, although many will hold the right to be skeptical until number 12 returns to the field. Luck is supposed to meet publically after the season ends with all the Colts players at the end of the season, so hopefully, he or Chris Ballard will elaborate on his exact situation at that point. This long-awaited recovery has been an ordeal for all involved since Luck was last seen fist-pumping after throwing the game-winning touchdown against Jacksonville week 17 in 2016, and all NFL fans are anxious to see one of the best players in the sport to return to the gridiron sooner rather than later.

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